bravado (n.) 1580s, from Fr. bravade "bragging, boasting," from It. bravata "bragging, boasting" (16c.), from bravare "brag, boast, be defiant," from bravo (see BRAVE (Cf. brave) (adj.)). Influenced in form by Spanish words ending in -ado.

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  • Bravado — Bra*va do, n., pl. {Bravadoes}. [Sp. bravada, bravata, boast, brag: cf. F. bravade. See {Brave}.] Boastful and threatening behavior; a boastful menace. [1913 Webster] In spite of our host s bravado. Irving. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Bravado — may refer to:* A pretense of bravery * The quality or state of being foolhardy * A blustering swaggering conduct * The Bravados * Bravado is the second track by the Canadian power trio Rush on their 1991 album, Roll the Bones * A vehicle… …   Wikipedia

  • bravado — index audacity, pretense (ostentation) Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • bravado — [n] boastfulness blowing, bluff, bluster, boasting, bombast, braggadocio, bragging, bullying, crowing*, fancy talk*, fuming*, gasconade, grandiosity, guts*, hot air*, pomposity, pretension, raging, railing, rant, selfglorification, storming,… …   New thesaurus

  • bravado — ► NOUN ▪ boldness intended to impress or intimidate. ORIGIN Spanish bravada, from bravo brave …   English terms dictionary

  • bravado — [brə vä′dō] n. [altered < Sp bravada < bravo, BRAVE] pretended courage or defiant confidence when one is really afraid …   English World dictionary

  • bravado — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ sheer ▪ mere ▪ false, forced ▪ macho, male ▪ typical (esp …   Collocations dictionary

  • bravado — bravery, bravado, bravura Bravery is a general word for ‘being brave’ or ‘brave action’ (as a virtue), whereas bravado means ‘ostentatious courage or boldness’, often concealing fear or reluctance: • It was a gesture of bravado rather than a… …   Modern English usage

  • bravado — [[t]brəvɑ͟ːdoʊ[/t]] N UNCOUNT Bravado is an appearance of courage or confidence that someone shows in order to impress other people. You won t get away with this, he said with unexpected bravado …   English dictionary

  • bravado — noun a) A swaggering show of defiance or courage. The angry customer stood in the middle of the showroom and voiced his complaints with loud bravado. b) A false show of courage …   Wiktionary