quintain (n.) c.1400 (in Anglo-Latin from mid-13c.), from O.Fr. quintaine or directly from M.L. quintana, perhaps from L. quintana "fifth" (see QUINQUE- (Cf. quinque-)), the name of the business part of a camp, on the supposition that this was where military exercises were done.

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  • quintain — [kwin′tin] n. [ME qwaintan < OFr quintaine < ML quintana < L quintana (via), street in a Roman camp separating the fifth maniple from the sixth (later, marketplace) < quintanus, of the fifth < quintus, fifth: see QUINTET] an object …   English World dictionary

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  • quintain — [ kwɪntɪn] noun historical a post set up as a mark in tilting with a lance, typically with a pivoted sandbag attached to strike an inexpert tilter. Origin ME: from OFr. quintaine, perh. based on L. quintana, a street in a Roman camp separating… …   English new terms dictionary