{{11}}neighbor (n.) O.E. neahgebur (W.Saxon), nehebur (Anglian) "neighbor," from neah "near" (see NIGH (Cf. nigh)) + gebur "dweller," related to bur "dwelling" (see BOWER (Cf. bower)). Common Germanic compound (Cf. O.S. nabur, M.Du. naghebuur, Du. (na)bur, O.H.G. nahgibur, M.H.G. nachgebur, Ger. Nachbar). Good neighbor policy attested by 1937, but good neighbor with reference to U.S. policy toward Latin America was used by 1928 by Herbert Hoover.
{{12}}neighbor (v.) 1580s, from NEIGHBOR (Cf. neighbor) (n.). Related: Neighbored; neighboring.

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