ephemeris table showing predicted positions of heavenly bodies, 1550s, Mod.L., from Gk. ephemeris “diary, calendar,” from ephemeros “daily” (see EPHEMERA (Cf. ephemera)). The classical plural is ephemerides.

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  • ephemeris — [e fem′ər is, ifem′ər is] n. pl. ephemerides [ef΄ə mer′ə dēz΄] [L < Gr ephēmeris, diary, calendar < ephēmeros: see EPHEMERON] 1. a table giving the computed positions of a celestial body for every day of a given period 2. an astronomical… …   English World dictionary

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  • ephemeris — n. (pl. ephemerides) Astron. an astronomical almanac or table of the predicted positions of celestial bodies. Etymology: L f. Gk ephemeris diary (as EPHEMERAL) …   Useful english dictionary

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