endogenous 1830, from ENDO- (Cf. endo-) "within" + -GENOUS (Cf. -genous) "producing."

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  • Endogenous — En*dog e*nous, a. 1. (Bot.) Increasing by internal growth and elongation at the summit, instead of externally, and having no distinction of pith, wood, and bark, as the rattan, the palm, the cornstalk. [1913 Webster] 2. (Biol.) Originating from… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • endogenous — UK US /enˈdɒdʒənəs/ adjective ECONOMICS ► used in economics to describe something that is inside a particular system, rather than outside that system: »There are those who see the origins of the crisis as endogenous to the region …   Financial and business terms

  • endogenous — [en däj′ə nəs] adj. [ ENDOGEN + OUS] 1. developing from within; originating internally 2. Biol. growing or developing from or on the inside 3. Physiol. Biochem. of the anabolism of cells …   English World dictionary

  • Endogenous — Inside. For example, endogenous cholesterol is cholesterol that is made inside the body and is not in the diet. * * * Originating or produced within the organism or one of its parts. SYN: endogenic. [endo + G. gen, production] * * * en·dog·e·nous …   Medical dictionary

  • endogenous — adjective Date: 1830 1. growing or produced by growth from deep tissue < endogenous plant roots > 2. a. caused by factors inside the organism or system < suffered from endogenous depression > < endogenous business cycles > b. produced or… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • endogenous —    From within the body, either a native function or the product of the extended colony...normal flora in the colon are considered endogenous …   Herbal-medical glossary

  • endogenous — adj. [Gr. endon, within; genes, producing] Pertaining to development from within; internal origin; endogeny n; see exogenous …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • endogenous — Product or activity arising in the body or cell, as opposed to agents coming from outside …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • endogenous — endogenicity /en doh jeuh nis i tee/, n. endogenously, adv. /en doj euh neuhs/, adj. 1. proceeding from within; derived internally. 2. Biol. growing or developing from within; originating within. 3. Pathol. (of a disease) resulting from… …   Universalium

  • endogenous — adjective a) produced, originating or growing from within b) of a disease, caused by factors within the body Ant: exogenous See Also: endogeny, endogeneity …   Wiktionary