{{11}}cull (n.) "dupe, saphead," rogues' slang from late 16c., perhaps a shortening of cullion "base fellow," originally "testicle" (from Fr. couillon, from O.Fr. coillon "testicle; worthless fellow, dolt," from L. coleus, lit. "strainer bag;" see COJONES (Cf. cojones)), though another theory traces it to Gypsy chulai "man." Also sometimes cully, though some authorities assert cully was the canting term for "dupe" and cull was generic "man, fellow," without implication of gullibility. Cf. also GULLIBLE (Cf. gullible).
{{12}}cull (v.) c.1200, originally "put through a strainer," from O.Fr. coillir (12c., Mod.Fr. cueillir) "collect, gather, pluck, select," from L. colligere "gather together, collect," originally "choose, select" (see COLLECT (Cf. collect)). Related: Culled; culling. As a noun, from 1610s.

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